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. Iloveyou, sometimes referred to as Love Bug or Love Letter, was a computer worm that attacked tens of millions of Windows personal computers on and after local time in the Philippines when it started spreading as an email message with the subject line "ILOVEYOU" and the attachment "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt. 4 May 2015. 4 May 2000. 4 May 2010. 26 Apr 2017 Love Letter Virus. The Love Letter Virus, also known as the Iloveyou virus, ILOVEYOU, and Love Letter, was a computer worm originating in the Philippines, which began infecting computers on. 11 mai 00de AMA, une université philippine d'informatique, dans la. 10 May 2000 Witnesses testified about the '' computer that infected over 10 million computers worldwide starting May 4th, 2000, shutting down. 17 Aug 2018 is one of the worst computer of all time. program up-to- to ward off attacks like and Melissa.

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5 May 2000. 9: - was a Visual Basic script that was able to duplicate itself using many different methods. Learn about the. Philippines: COMPUTER LATEST. Story No.: 182730. Restrictions: Duration:00:03:17:14. Source: APTN. Dateline:11/05/2000. The comes in an email note with I LOVE YOU in the subject line and contains an attachment that when opened results in the message being r. 2 Jun 2017 Silicon looks at the history of the 'I love You'. The 'I love you' worm had a devastating impact on computer networks be exact when the 'I love you' bug (also known as '' or 'Love 'Letter')attacked tens. 4 May 2015 Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the infamous. It just about conquered the world's email servers back in May 2000 because. 4 May 2009 Do you remember when the worm spread around the world? Before the coffee break I told them all the amusing story of a. 10 May 2000 It is estimated that the so-called "-" email has caused some $10 billion in losses in as many as 20 countries. When we talk about a computer, we usually mean any kind of code The.

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, sometimes referred to as LoveLetter, was a computer worm that attacked over ten million. May 4, 2000 The arrives in an email with the subject line of with an attachment "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU. The cripples computers around the globe BroadcastThe "I Love You" worm spread to approximately 45 million computers worldwide. 3 May 2010 May 4, 2000: Tainted 'Love' Infects Computers. __2000: __The "I Love You" spreads to 55 million computers around the world. 4 May 2010 The, or the worm, which appeared in the Lists of the worst and worms back a few years, because writers of. 5 May 2000 The newly discovered "I Love You" that swept through banks, securities The bit the computer world hard on Thursday in the. 6/29/2000 TYPECORRESPONDENT REPORT On May 4th, the so- called infected thousands of computers worldwide, overloading. 2000: The, also known as the, sends itself out via the fastest spreading worm to, infecting 75,000 computers in approximately. 26 Apr 2011 Subject: I Love You is a fictional account of the 'The ', an infamous that spread quickly in the year 2000, causing significant. Discovered, 2000.05.04. Place of Origin The arrives in an email with the subject line of with an attachment "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.

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19 Mar 2012 Computer have come a long way from the early days of personal of computers, leading anti- researchers to call it the “super,” or “super worm. of birth, mother's maiden name, and even your secret security 10)Letter/I YOU (2000)Back in 2000, millions of people made. Antivirus Protection Finally, the drops the LOVE-LETTER-FOR- YOU. A(1); Subject: ; Body: kindly check the attached LOVELETTER. 24 Nov 2003 The LoveLetter worm--also called the and the I Love You To, nearly 90 variants of the Visual Basic script have been created.

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